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One thing I’ve learned from being an artist is that you can’t make it in this business on your own. Artists need to help and support other artists and work as a team. Over the last few years, I’ve began building a fun and talented network of artists of all types: musicians, photographers, film producers, graphic artists, marketing professionals, actors and more. I’m starting to add interviews to my blog about some inspiring artists I’ve met.

Recently, I met Tim Brandt through Twitter and Facebook, yes… we met through social media. We’ve started brainstorming ways to work together to help each other accomplish our goals as artists. Here is a little about Tim and a recent interview we had:

Tim Brandt is a unique breed of an actor and a singer, who has been showcasing his talents in the theater, film and music scenes for over a decade. Heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen and often compared to the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hanks, he is a veteran performer with appearances in dozens of stage productions and independent films. Between the plays, Tim releases full-length albums as a musician and songwriter.

Q: What is the next big step in your film and acting career?
Tim: Producing my own work! I’m in the process of developing an online variety show featuring music, sketch comedy as well as standup. I also just started working on a script for my next movie project.

Q: What is your short film Coffee about and what inspired it? How can people access this movie to watch it?

Tim: Coffee was actually written, directed & produced by Gina Robertson, whom I’ve worked with in the past. She approached me about playing the role of Jimmy & I jumped at the opportunity.

Coffee is about a guy who attempts to flee the country with his girlfriend. However through a series of unexpected events he finds himself a little over his head. Gina was heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock which really comes through in the film. It was shot in black & white & has the feeling of a suspense thriller.

You can watch the film by clicking on the following link:

Q: What do you need help with from other artists to achieve your goals?

Tim: Long term partnerships! I’m always looking for other artists who wish to promote their work. The challenge being an independent artist is that we don’t have the resources of large production companies. It’s only by pooling our collective resources can we hope to compete. I’m in the process of building a coalition of independent artists for long term cross promotion.

Q: What is your biggest challenge in the arts and how do you hope to overcome that challenge?
Tim: Finding other artists who (A) are dedication, consistent & tenacious in the pursuit of their dreams (B) who truly understand the value in building long term relationships both with fans & potential business partners.
I plan on overcoming this through education, networking & good old fashion hard work!!

Q: Anything else you would like to tell the world?

Tim: : (A) I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from Coffee. Thanks to everyone who watched it. I just want to remind folks that making a movie is a team effort. Without Gina’s vision, hard work & persistence it would never have happened. I also want to thank Gina for casting me!

(B) Any artist who would like to know more about partnership opportunities or to collaborate on future projects can reach me either through my website, Facebook or Twitter.

Connect with Tim Brandt:
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